Anne Abriat-Hemmendinger, Msc.
Founder and CEO of The Smell & Taste Lab sarl, in Geneva (Switzerland), Researcher in Neurosciences for Beauty & Health industry and Independent board member for Biotech companies.

Master of Chemical Engineering from the Engineer School of Organic and Mineral Chemistry (ESCOM) at Compiègne (France) Scientific expert in Fragrance and Sensory for Beauty & Health industry With more than 30 years of experience in the development of products for the beauty industry, for brands with an international vocation. She particularly masters the challenges of Innovation with the development of new ingredients for cosmetics, with the implementation of new process combined with AI, with the creation of new solutions for the consumers ... She has worked for various prestigious brands, notably within the L’Oréal and Coty Groups where she has led numerous innovation projects. She has developed proprietary methods and tools to measure emotions and to valorize the proven benefits of fragrance in cosmetic products with worldwide academics experts in Neurosciences. Many Publications in Sensory Neurosciences at IFSCC, Pangborn, ECRO… and conferences, courses.

In parallel with her research activities, Anne Abriat played a leading role in establishing, implementing, and improving the innovation process, including ideation, project, and product management for Fragrance, Fragrancing and Cosmetic applications at L’Oréal International, at Coty in Switzerland and now with her clients. In 2017, she has founded The Smell & Taste Lab, sarl in Geneva Switzerland, a consulting company specialized in innovation and marketing for cosmetics, nutrition and well-being; As president of TSTLab, she accompanies clients, big, medium size companies or start-ups in Innovation for Beauty and Health care. Thanks to her broad network, she builds and leads scientific projects of Academia for the Industry. She also makes the link between institutional, start-ups, researchers and private companies of the corporate world, dedicated to Innovation and Business.

Independant board Administrator in Nutra, Biotech companies such as Deinove, Metex and before Naturex & foundation (sold to Givaudan) Member of the Swiss Women Directors' Circle and APIA Switzerland (Association for Independent Board member).

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